So, What Do We Stand For?

We try to keep our new blog quite friend and talk about a number to different things. But, today, I wanted to focus on what we stand for…

The South Dakota Constitution stands for:

  • Restore the United States to “One Nation Under God”
  • Return to constitutional, limited government
  • Protect the inalienable right to life of all, including the unborn,
  • elderly, and infirm
  • Protect individual right to keep and bear arms
  • Restore national sovereignty, including withdrawal from the
  • United Nations
  • Maintain a strong national defense
  • Repeal the unconstitutional income tax
  • Stop all unconstitutional spending
  • Protect the rights of liberty and private property
  • Abolish the federal reserve and restore constitutional money
  • Promote pro-family policies
  • End federal subsidies for and control of education and welfare
  • Comprehensive immigration reform
  • Return control over elections to the state and local authorities
  • Abolish special interest entitlements


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