Oldie But Goodie

A vacuum cleaner is an essential part of every home now. We have put in a lot of effort to bring you the best vacuum cleaners that 2013 has to offer. Here they are.

For any cleaning situation, this is a great bet for getting rid of the dirt. It has a comfortable handle and works well for a wide range of surfaces due to its optional electronic brush roll and constant suction. It also comes with a wide range of tools for your cleaning convenience, including a handy dust brush, a super-stretch hose, turbo power brush for pet hair and for those tight spots you have a crevice tool. It also has a convenient clean and re-use filter.

The only downside to this otherwise amazing vacuum cleaner is its lack of an auto-retract system for its cable. However, it is generally an amazing machine that will keep you satisfied.

Dyson DC28

This vacuum cleaner is all about ease. Its upright and light design ensures that you won’t pinch a muscle as you twist and turn while cleaning. It works well for a wide range of household dirt problems, including carpets, pet hair, upholstery and even works for your automobile seats. For even better cleaning, its Telescope Reach allows you to reach those tricky spots and clean them out. It also has very good suction, it is both powerful and consistent which makes it a great buy.

Some people remark that the DC28 is small, but don’t good things come in small sizes? Ensure that you empty it on the regular though. It is a very highly rated vacuum by a long list of satisfied users.

Dirt Devil Extreme

If you are working on a house with several types of floors, the adjustable automatic height feature available in this model will ensure that you switch floors with ease. The telescopic handle and stretch hose ensure that no spot, no matter how remote, is left unclean. The dirt cup solves the riddle of dirty filters, ensuring that cleaning your vacuum is a breeze!

The vacuum has a wide range of features and implements that ensure your cleaning scenario is personalized and customized for maximum efficiency. It is well priced and works like a dream!

Hoover WindTunnel

If you have back problems, then this is a great choice for you. It is light and won’t strain you as you work your living room. Since it is an upright vacuum, it works better than others and even has capacity to clean several surfaces with ease.

It has WindTunnel technology that makes it very effective for powerfully vacuuming an area without causing dirt to be blown about. It also has a very long cord with automated cord rewind that ensures that it is easy and safe to use. For your pet, the upholstery tool will effectively ensure that its hair is handled with ease.

This is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a good vacuum cleaner.

I have personally used the Hoover UH70120 and was amazed at the astoundingly clean floors. Also look at the other top vacuum cleaners we offer in different categories, they have great results as well.


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