Fitness A Must But Not Something You Can’t Do At Home

A recent survey conducted showed that 60% of respondents rated themselves less than fit and their primary reason was the hectic life schedule they maintained. Some said they were parents juggling couple or more jobs thus lacked the time. Others simply felt they could put their time to better use and that they were anyways active enough to not warrant the need for a gym.

As doctors say, it isn’t about how you feel today but how you will feel years from now if you neglect your body. Exercise and proper diet isn’t something that gives dividends immediately but it shows up years later in the form of lesser complications, a fitter and leaner body and better activity levels. And the best part is that you need not leave your home to lead such a life. Just get yourself a yoga mat and a treadmill. You can perform most of the weight training at home without using weights and for cardio use a treadmill!

Yoga mats are no big deal, just get something that has good reviews online so you know it will last long enough. And check some treadmill reviews to find a unit that is within your budget and at least gives you different workout profiles. This comes handy when you wish to mix up your routine or if you are trying to lose weight.

When losing weight, remember that any repetitive task usually works well for a week or two but eventually your body gets used to it and this can be a bad thing. Instead if you can mix up your workout and cardio, it keeps the body guessing and unable to adjust to your daily activities.

A good start would be the Sole F80. This particular treadmill garners excellent reviews online and has a whole community of sportsmen and athletes who vouch for its workout programs. Not to mention the fact that it comes with pre-programmed routines, one of which is the HIIT routine that is excellent for weight loss, provided you are not obese.


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